The Kerdi Shower Book
How to Construct the Ultimate Ceramic Tile Shower

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Now available--Tile Bathroom Remodeling, Part 1


The Kerdi® shower waterproofing method from Schluter Systems is unique to the tile setting industry. The Kerdi Shower Book by John P. Bridge is the very first book to fully explain the method's use. The eBook is now available for download from the Tile Your World Online Store.

The Kerdi Shower Book (Mistflower Press, 2005, ISBN: 0974275441) is an advanced tiling manual intended for amateur and professional tile setters who possess knowledge of shower construction and residential remodeling in general. For do-it-yourselfers it is intended as a supplement to Tile Your World: John Bridge's New Tile Setting Book (Mistflower Press, 2003, ISBN: 0974275433), which is available from the Tile Your World Store or from

The Kerdi method revolves around the waterproof Kerdi tiling membrane and the Kerdi-drain®, the only surface bondable shower drain in existence. No more ugly black stuff around the base of your shower floor. The Kerdi shower dries completely within hours, stopping mold dead in its tracks.

Do you want to impress your friends, family and neighbors with your advanced technical knowledge and tile setting prowess?

Of course you do.

Join ceramic tile expert and Kerdi Shower specialist John Bridge and learn how to:


-- Build and tile waterproof, mold-free showers the Kerdi way.

-- Construct and tile shower benches and shampoo recesses.

-- Easily deal with windows and shower door openings.

-- Tile curbs and knee walls -- and make them waterproof.

-- Create accessible, barrier-free showers that can never leak.

-- Drink beer like a real tile setter.


The Kerdi Shower Book contains 140 full-color photos, detailed step-by-step instructions, table of contents and index. It is in PDF form, optimized for easy reading on any computer screen or for printing on any laser printer.

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